Online Book Store For Rural Aspirants, a Jaipur-Based Startup

Entreprenur of the Week, founder of Online Book Store

Online Book Store For Rural Aspirants, a Jaipur-Based Startup

It’s never too late to start dreaming. If that dream helps other people to achieve their goals.  Nowadays, entrepreneurs believe in solving the problems of those who are not privileged to get access to all the necessities. So, two entrepreneurs of Jaipur-based Startup Online Book Store Mr. Ankesh Agarwal, and Mr.Arihant Agrawal get inspired by, for helping students from remote areas where they are not able to get books for pursuing the studies. Inspired from consistent efforts, Startup Launcher awarded  Mr.Ankesh Agrawal “Entrepreneur of the Week” for his excellence and dedication towards his startup. We congratulate his entire team for the amazing work they are doing.

Making of an Entrepreneur

Ankesh Agrawal was born into a middle-class family in December 1991. He graduated in mechanical engineering from Maharishi Arvind College of Jaipur in 2011. Ankesh got placed as an inspection engineer in ICS Private. Ltd, a Mumbai based MNC. He continued there for almost 4 Years. While there, Ankesh came in touch with some village students of Mumbai through some contacts and they asked him for some books. At that time, he helped those students out. After a few days, those students again contacted him for more books and this time for their friends. Like this, he came to know what are the situations of rural students and how much they have to compromise for the educational resources. This issue affects at one extend that they usually stop pursuing what they want to.

From there, he got the idea and inspiration to do something for needy students by starting an online platform for selling competitive exam books and other books which are easily available in the market. Ankesh started to get more information about the scenario and the challenges he would face while running his business.

Finally, he concluded that it could profitable as well as a social valued business. Since then, the startup is growing exponentially and generated good revenue to keep pace up in the market.

To continue with this idea and solving the problem of students, Ankesh resigned from a fulfilling job profile. As he said,” I still believe in Jugaad and learn to overcome challenges as it helped me to expand my business in different states.”

About Startup

Online Book Store started by Ankesh and Arihant in 2015. It has been three years that online bookstore served 58000 students and sold 20000 books to different remote areas.

Now, the Online Book Store is delivering books in mainly Chattisgarh, Bihar and Rajasthan where most of the aspirants from villages and other remote areas. His successful years in running his startup made him confident. Right now, his startup hired 12 people who are working for the company with full dedication and enthusiasm. Operational Manager said,” that Ankesh and Arihant always be like a friend and good leader to them.”

Consequently, the Online Book Store goal is now to reach other villages and remote area of Rajasthan as well as help students by delivering books at the right place and at the right time.

Entrepreneur Tip:

“Finish What You Started: Being consistently working hard towards your goals can lead to your success.”.





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