Online Thela: “Mera Gaav Badal Raha Hain”, a Startup Bringing Villages Online

Online Thela:Mera Gaav Badal Raha Hain

Online Thela: “Mera Gaav Badal Raha Hain”, a Startup Bringing Villages Online

Digital Village India is an initiative started by the Government of India to connect the villages across the country. It also assists the villagers in entrepreneurship opportunities and brings out skill development programmes to generate more employment for Rural Youth.

A Young Entrepreneur, Ashish Kumawat always dream of making his village digital and initiate some activities to make Rural India self-sustainable. Ashish has started an Online Thela to promote rural and traditional businesses online.
Ashish took a pledge to bring all the villages online. Under the Digital India campaigns, Online Thela has become a strong platform for rural business people to online their businesses and generate more sales from nearby villages.
While talking with Ashish, he said,” today, every business person running either a small or big business wants to take his/her product/services online for better exposure. These people usually spend a lot of money on the development of websites and marketing those through different online channels. Further, traditional and rural business person face disappointments as they don’t have much knowledge about technologies and make unusual investments to build an online presence. But every entrepreneur has a story which led him to take the risk and use his innovation to eradicate the problems.

Making of an Entrepreneur

Ashish Kumawat dropped out of Engineering college just to pursue his dreams. At the age of 19, he worked for “Taxi for Sure” startup as an operator. After a few months, he left “Taxi for Sure” to join E-commerce startup as a Marketing Manager to learn marketing, operational and leadership skills as well as get to know the e-commerce ecosystem.
While working with e-commerce startup, Old Books E-shop, the team won few startup business competitions and ranked top in ‘Rajasthan Startup Fest – 2016’.

There’s always a turning point in an individual’s life which changed the whole purpose of living. Like this, a turning point happened in Ashish’ life which made him start his own company.

To know more about entrepreneurship, Ashish started attending events where he got the opportunity to meet successful entrepreneurs, investors, and mentors.

He chose entrepreneurship over a secure and stable government job. His determination and risk-taking potential helped him to do something for rural people.

In 2017, he took a step to start his own venture, Jobs Thela to generate employment for Rural India. While working on this startup idea, he found the necessity of promoting entrepreneurship among villages. In 2018, he launched another startup Online Thela, a classified business where local and traditional shops can list their business on the website at a free of cost to reach target customers.

About Online Thela, Rural Digital Startup

Online Thela is a hyperlocal business listing platform where you can buy and sell product or services. The team of Online Thela is a self-motivated and dedicated team to accelerate the rural business. It is a free online platform to sell your new and used products. Now rural business people can grow business and expand in other rural areas to approach rural customers easily.

Online Thela has covered seven villages of Rajasthan to save time and money of hyperlocal business. The dream of Digital Village India is only being successful because of the strong team.

Online Thela has a team of seven members. It includes Chief Marketing Officer, Mukesh Kumawat and Chief Technical Officer, Desshraj Kumawat.

With the strong marketing strategy and execution power, Online Thela is tasting the flavor of success.

Lastly, Ashish Kumawat shared  “Entrepreneurial journey has also taught him to take instant decisions, learn from failure, create value for others, business skills, awareness of mind etc.”

Be the Leader of your life. You should crazy enough to think that I can change the world. Do fail but learn from that and move on.


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