Reduce “Load on the Spine” of farmers: Jaipur Belt, a Startup driven by innovation

Mr.Ganesh Ram Jangir- Entrepreneur of the Week

Reduce “Load on the Spine” of farmers: Jaipur Belt, a Startup driven by innovation

In India, 70 % of people are living in rural areas and into laborer activities such as construction workers, farmers, etc. These people are mostly suffering from back pain due to the regular load on the spine. This chronic pain is usually making the work difficult for those people. As they work on the daily wages which made tough for them to take rest.

So to reduce such drastic pain, an innovator Ganesh Ram Jangir from Jaipur, Rajasthan have come up with the idea of Jaipur Belt. It’s an unpowered, durable and lightweight exoskeleton belt, which reduces 80% of backbone pain. The main objective of Jaipur Belt is to develop and commercialize the product by creating a social impact among society and the labor community.

Making of an Entrepreneur

Ganesh Ram Jangir, born in a farmer family belongs to a small town, Nagaur Rajasthan. He graduated from Jaipur Engineering College and Research Center, in 2011. When he used to work with his parents in the agricultural field owned by his family, that time he suffered from regular back pain. He realized that this is really common among farmers as they work throughout the day. After a few days, he finally got the idea to solve the problem facing by his parents and other farmers.

While graduation in 2008, he started working on the idea with the help of National Innovation Foundation(NIF) as well as the Department of Science and Technology and received financial support for commercializing his product. He got the stipend of Rs. 3000 to build his first product as a prototype. The prototype was really appreciated by the NIF and encouraged him to start his project as soon as possible.

Since then, he used to upgrading the belt and make it more comfortable for farmers. In 2014, he met Dr. Anil Jain of Santokba Durlabhji Hospital in Jaipur, who further modified the device by reducing the weight and replacing metal parts with low-weight thermoplastics and soft material cover that was cosmetically more acceptable by patients.

About Jaipur Belt Company

On 9 September 2014, Ganesh registered  Jaipur Belt under the name of Newandra Innovations Pvt.Ltd. Since now, he is working enthusiastically to build a better place for farmers and workers.

Mr. Ganesh patented the Jaipur Belt, said that this innovative device will help people to work whole day painlessly in the manufacturing, construction, and other labor-intensive industrial and agricultural sectors. In fact, it is also helpful for people who have prolonged sitting or standing jobs.

Jangir got awarded India Today TrailBlazer Award 2016 by Former Rajasthan CM Vasundhara Raje.  His startup got recognized in Silicon Valley, California. Like this, he also represented India in many International Events includes Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2017 and IUSSTEF in New Delhi

Today, Startup Launcher awarded Mr.Ganesh Ram Jangir “Entrepreneur of the Week” on his success and congratulates the entire team of Jaipur Belt on their dedication and enthusiasm towards work they are doing for the social cause.

An Entrepreneur Tip:

Innovation comes from within, not for cost but to solve social problems.





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