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A Successful Entrepreneur: Founder of Ready Bytes, Mr. Shyam

“A successful entrepreneur does his work with integrity and passion; success always follows him in every way.” On 20th of January, Mr. Shyam Sunder Verma, founder of Ready Bytes Software Labs Pvt. Ltd was recognized as ” Entrepreneur of the Week” by Startup Launcher. His innovation and excellence have made to achieve the goal of a successful entrepreneur in the IT market. Ready Bytes Software Labs is a Bhilwara, Rajasthan based startup which is now a successful company with a team [...]


How to Build an E-commerce Website?

E-Commerce is the exponentially growing business in the world. It has surpassed around $1 trillion in sales last year across the globe. E-commerce has become such an impactful business that retailers also started selling their products to target more customers. According to the survey, Online shopping is growing at an unprecedented rate, especially in India 28% of the total population uses the online mode of selling and buying any product. For targeting these customers, it has become necessary to create an [...]