15 Business Ideas to Start Without Money in 2019

15 Business Ideas to Start Without Money in 2019

Plenty of Business Ideas for You. Require No money, no office!! Just need the right element such as mindful skills, work ethics, and marketing.

As Napoleon Hill said “Don’t wait.  The time will never be just right.

You do not have to wait for taking the first step of becoming your own boss. All you need to gather your thoughts and write down into a business plan. Before that, an entrepreneur needs some affordable business ideas and enough knowledge of the market to beat competitors. Hopefully, one of the ideas listed below will touch your enthusiastic and ambitious point.

These are 15 business ideas to start without money.

  1. Freelance writer

Writing is not everybody’s cup of tea. But if you are a talented writer, then you have a lot of opportunities to build a business by writing articles, magazines, blogs, website content, editorials etc. A freelancing business can start anytime without investing money. A freelance writer has to share past experience and post a portfolio to show a strong expertise on freelancing websites.

  1. Affiliate marketing

Can sharing links earn you a handful of money? Yes, you heard it right. Affiliate marketing is the way to earn money by promoting other business or products on your blog website or social media channels. Other companies affiliate their products or service to increase sales and target audience, on which you get a commission.

  1. SEO consultant

SEO, known as search engine optimization is the practice of improving website ranking on Search Engine Results Pages [SERPs]. If you are aware of google-analytics and have data-driven quality, this is a perfect business idea for you.

Don’t know much about SEO? You can learn all SEO things on Search Engine Land, Moz or SEObook.

  1. Insurance agent

Insurance agent act as a sole proprietor and can operate the business in own time. Many people need insurance for their health, home, and future, for that they try to seek advice. An agent must have a powerful convincing skill to strike the emotional chord of the customers who need insurance.

  1. Babysitting or Cooking service

If you are a female and looking forward to starting a small business. It’s the best idea for urban ladies who often seek these services. For babysitting, you have to build some trust between you and your customers.

  1. Career counseling

A career counselor helps million of youngsters and people who are confused about their future. You can research various career options and offer to counsel. Discuss which they don’t know can be possible to achieve.

  1. Chocolate making

You know that we all love chocolates. To start a chocolate factory with less investment, worth your efforts. Making delicious chocolate in the different shapes attract customers to grow your business.

  1. IT support services

A professional IT can start this business who has experience of many years. Today, IT business earns billions of dollars by providing services and products to non- technical bodies.

  1. Virtual assistant

Virtual assistants provide administrative support to companies, businesses, and entrepreneurs while working at home You can start B2B to handle tasks for business clients.

  1. Web designer

To start as a freelance web designer, you just need to have a good eye for design and know some tools such as HTML, CSS, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop for wire frames. There are many freelancing websites such as Upwork, freelancer.com to start a home-based business.

  1. Tiffin service

Want people to taste your food, so why don’t you go for a Tiffin System. If you love to cook food and serve it then start planning for this business idea without money.

  1. Translator

If you know more than one foreign language, you can go for providing translation services. It is a home-based work to help companies or individual to get their clients and discuss business with off-shore customers.

  1. Social media consultant

Social media consultant works with companies or brands to reach out target audience and engage customers on behalf of them. You can run your business by providing social media consulting services which comprise social media management program, a social media strategy session or quality content developing for the brand.

  1. Computer Training

Running a business to help educated people to learn the fundamentals of computer and its functions. If you are an expert in computer science and technology, then you can use your knowledge to help those who have different expertise. Run courses and earn valuable income with this idea.

  1. Nutrition coach

A wonderful idea for those who are interested in health and nutrition, but don’t know if it a good idea for them. In this, you have to believe first on your health and apply those nutrition tips on yourself to gain customers confidence. You must need an education certificate to work as a nutrition coach and start the business.

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