Become Next ” Entrepreneur of the Week”

An Entrepreneur is a self-motivated and creative person who believes in what he’s doing and passionate about why he’s doing. These traits bring out the best out of the rest. So that’s why the team of Startup launcher has started an initiative ” Entrepreneur of the Week” to promote and encourage the budding entrepreneurs.

Every week, an entrepreneur get recognition for his/her innovation and excellence. This award event is the opportunity for startups and entrepreneurs to introduce themselves in the business ecosystem.

It is a promotional event for those startups and entrepreneurs who are looking forward to reaching new market opportunities and pitch investors or venture capitalists. The main objective is to provide a branding platform for innovative and holistic entrepreneurs to showcase their entrepreneurial journey. These startups are the future of our country. As they are making a positive impact socially and naturally with creative ideas.

Eligibility for Nomination Process:

  1. The nominee must be an owner/manager primarily responsible for the recent performance of a company.
  2. Company/Startup must be 2 years old.
  3. Founders/ Directors of public companies are eligible but Founder must be active in the top management.
  4. A nomination form can be submitted by incubation centers, employees, spouses, managers, entrepreneurs, investors, and mentors
  5. Willing to become an ecosystem partner.

The finalists and winners will be selected from all the eligible nominations and an independent process of nomination will follow by the distinguished panel of judges.

Criteria for Final Selection:

  1. Potential growth in Startup
  2. No. of employees
  3. Leadership factor
  4. Degree of Innovation
  5.  Creative Methods of Marketing

The winners will be honored at an award event conduct across the country in 2019.

Through the identification and recognition of outstanding entrepreneurs leading successful, growing and dynamic businesses; EW aims to encourage entrepreneurial activity and economic growth in each of the states in which the award is presented. This is an interactive session where startups/entrepreneur get promotion and branding via social media, newspapers and TV interviews.

Program Calendar

Time: 2 pm – 4pm

Day: Saturday ( Weekly )

The procedure of Selection Process

  1. Call to Nominations
  2. Telephonic meeting with the independent judges from Startup Launcher.
  3. The email will be sent to the selected Entrepreneur with the attached invitation and congratulation card.

So Now Nominee Yourself !!!  Share your entrepreneurial story with us and become our next “Entrepreneur of the Week”. Apply Now: Nomination form for Becoming this week, “Entrepreneur of the Week”